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Bluets and Blue | June 6 - July 27, 2024


Springs Projects is pleased to present 'Bluets and Blue' featuring work by Bianca Beck, Kari Cholnoky,
Gaby Collins-Fernandez, Valerie Hegarty, Lindsay Packer,Erika Ranee, Victoria Roth and Emily Weiskopf
and organized by Cate Holt.

“Fifteen days after we are born we begin to discriminate between colors. For the rest of our life barring blunted or blinded sight, we find ourselves face-to-face with all these phenomena at once, and we call the whole shimmering mess 'color'. You might even say that it is the business of the eye to make colored forms out of what is essentially shimmering. This is how we 'get around' in the world. Some might also call it the source of our suffering.” Maggie Nelson, 'Bluets'

This passage and the category-defying nature of Maggie Nelson’s prose-based 'Bluets' was the seed for bringing together the artists in this exhibition. An extended sensitivity to color and to brokenness and/or transition in a material way. From prying apart form, to what happens in the crevices, to work that defies gravity and remains in limbo. The work in this exhibition rewards with interludes of intangibility and opportunities to respond to color and form subjectively with unlimited possibilities.

'Bluets and Blue' will run from June 6th through July 22nd with the opening reception on June 6th from 6-8 PM. Springs will be open Thursday through Saturday from 12 to 6 or by appointment. For visits outside First Thursdays and Opening Nights, please email for building access information.

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Review: Two Coats of Paint

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